Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bore Piling Works

Bore Piling works was done by nominated sub-contractor, PT. Indopora, the famoust foundation specialist in Indonesia. The quantity of the foundations was 468 bore piles with each has 18 metres deep which need to be achieved to finish in 1,5 months.

Normally daily production for construct bore pile was 3-4 bore piles/daily with 1 main mobile crane, and 1 service mobil crane. Within this project, the daily production that need to be achieved was 12 bore piles/day.

PT. Indopora deployed 5 main mobile cranes 25 ton, 7 service mobile cranes 15 ton, and 4 excavators or backhoe for developing the work-site.

The main contractor, PT. Pembangunan Perumahan started to develop the site facilities, construct the access road and any other preparation for starting the up & down construction method.

Ir. Condro Pranowo, as a Site Operation Manager 1 was in charge for developing the coordination with PT. Indopora. Assisted by Asep Budiyana BE, as General Superintendant.

The target was successfully achieved, and within the interface start-to-start time table, the excavation has been planned to start in the midle of bore pile works schedule plan.

Even the silty clay charateristic gave difficulties, but fortunately the rain has not come in yet on site, instead the october was the starting month for rainy season.

In that case the target should be reached, Thanks to God, if the rain came more early at the stage of bore piling works, then all of us were finished. (Project Manager, Dec. 2005)


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