Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Potential Technical/Operation Problems

Potential Technical/Operational Problems:

Photographs were taken on October 2002
  • The silty clay soil was dominated the land where the project has to be built on. The charateristic of silty clay of its permiability, cohesiveness, and plasticity has made it to be in-consistency and also its workability was low. The total volume of excavation reached to 52,000 cu.m and have to be finished by 4 months, that means the work capacity for soil excavation and disposal should reach at least 450 cu.m/day. To reach that amount of volume at least need 25 cyclus of 18 cu.m dump trucks capacity, instead in Bandung city only has 8 cu.m dump trucks capacity.
  • The site location was tightly surrounded by dense old commercial/store building, which their ages exceed more than 70 years old. Their foundation was shallow and made from old bricks, give more risks for rumbling.
  • The building area is 120,000 sqm. Contains 10 stories and 2 basements. This huge volume should be achieved by 10 months, according the contract, that means the project should be able to accomplish at least 12,000 sq.m finished/monthly. (For comparison: to build 400 sq.m house needed at least 10 months, Mulia Tower-Jakarta 30,000 sq.m in 12 months, and Kelapa Gading Mall 2 (the fastest at that recent time) 80,000 sq.m in 10 months).
  • The area of each floor was very wide exceed to 10,000 sq.m. Wider area means needs more efforts for working supervisions, more difficult for handling and moving the materials from one section to another section, difficulties for mobilisation and demobilisation, and needs a huge number of labour workers for doing large works at the same time.
  • The distance from the location of main material supply, Jakarta was 180 km and need at least 5 hours for the transportation.
  • The Project location was in trully the centre of city of Bandung. Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata was very crowded and became a traffic jam area. The other roads around the project was fulffilled with traditional markets and sellers and made them definetely unvavailable to be used for an access.

Photographs were taken on Oktober, 2002


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