Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Preparation and Planning

Give me the matter and I will construct the world
( Reene Descartes)

By the end of October 2002, Ir. Herbiyantoro (Manager of 2nd Operation Division) and Ir. Issa Darujati (West Java Branch Manager) did inspection on site and meet with the Project Team.

Ir. Anton Satyo, the project manager explained about his proposal to undertake the situation. Top/Down construction should be applied undoubtely into the project, because the time was very limited and nearly impossible for using usual building construction method.

Using the general building construction method would take at least 18 months for finishing the projects with the fastest speed of works and continuous supply of materials and equipments.

Top/Down construction method would reduce the time sharply because the construction for sub structures (basements) and upper structures could be proceed at the same time.

But originall top/down construction method also could not eliminate the risks for delaying of works. Using its original method would take at least 12 months for project completion.

The choice was using Up&Down construction method which has been successfully implemented at Bandung Electronic Centre Building (BEC) , even the area of BEC more less than this project (BEC area was 35,000 sq.m compare with Pasar Baru Bandung area is 120,000 sq.m) and the completion of BEC took 8 months construction period. But there was no other options except the project should go on.

The proposal was approved and the project team in the next short period of time would be formed and proceed the project. The Project Manager assisted by his Site Engineering Manager and Site Operational Managers were looking forward for developing several modifications related to the Up& Down Construction Method.

Ir. Anton's hand out sketch for developing the basic concept of Up&Down Construction Method


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