Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Site Plan

The site plan was designed to provide a good working coordination on site. With a proper site plan design, there will no confusing among the employees or workers for placing or taking the materials, equipments, and the other elements of works. A good site plan also help to prevent miss-management for providing the cycle of project procurement process and the working cycle processes.

Pasar Baru Bandung Project will be equiped by 3 units of Tower Crane. 2 Units with 45 m JIB and range of capacity from 1.2 ton to 4.5 ton. 1 Unit with 60 m JIB and range of capacity from 1.2 ton to 5.6 ton. The tower crane will be erected until up to 75 metres high. The tower cranes was POTAIN and rented for 8-10 months period.

The position for placing the tower crane should consider the aspect of its range for taking the supply material points to its usage location (see the circle of tower crane's range) and also the lowest cost factor for dismantling and demobilisation of the tower crane after its task is over or the building is completely finished.

The colour squares indicated the position for placing the materials like steel, reinforced bars, woods, timber, bricks, cements, and also equipments like generator sets, electrical panels, and many others facilities like wells, water supply points, worker's toilets, etc.


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